Frell - Buy/Sell among friends

Frell is a refreshingly reliable way to buy and sell among friends. Frell is connected with a user's social network, so the users can buy from people they know, thus ensuring trust and credibility.

Browsing items on Frell is as simple as a swipe. Swipe left, items one is interested in and swipe right to keep looking.

With Frell a user can unload items that are never used or no longer needed, listing them in seconds. Just snap a few pics, enter details and it's done. Frell is a totally new social selling experience.

  1. Created the android app and implemented social auth, services, networking, content provider using Sqlite for offline usage and sync mechanism for the app.
  2. Implemented Firebase services like Firebase Cloud Messaging, Analytics, Crash reporting and Admob.
  3. Worked on the designs and color palette of the app based off of Matreial design guidelines.
  4. Worked on the logo design.

Great app , easy to use and is safe as allows you to deal with people you already know ;) loved it

Very useful and trustworthy app