Consciously.Life - Replace online ads with Inspiration. Everywhere! is a web browser extension that replaces 3rd party ads with the user's feed or to-dos. CL team needed designs for mobile app where a user can control what replaces the ads and a lot more. It had to be simple, minimal and easy to use keeping in mind the audience of the product.

  1. We worked on a palette that complemented the pink of CL and did not draw much attention from the primary color.
  2. The screens were designed such that they resembled the day to day interactions and experiences that the user is already familiar with.
  3. We also created a prototype for testing out various concepts and feature in the app, like shopping.
  4. The next step is research based on the prototype. After this we plan to go ahead with development and deployment of mobile app.

Rashi is amazing! She continues to be by guide in making a better experience for users. She continues to help me get my entrepreneurial thinking clear and ask better questions. Rashi is very unique in that she possesses the ability to be very analytical, a great programmer, but also has great design tastes. If you have a product you need to take online speak to Rashi first! She's the best. Thanks Rashi!

Joel Nelson