Kotlin Programming Cookbook

Co-authored a cookbook with more than 100 recipes that provide solution to problems encountered day-to-day when developing Android applications using Kotlin.


Consciously.life replaces online Ads with user's feed or to-dos. It is like Adblocker + Pinterest

Concept Office

Concept Office helps users to manage their instagram accounts by tools, theoretical and practical lessons.

Frell - Buy/Sell among friends

Frell is a buying and selling platform where users can list items for sale and friends can bargain on direct chat.

Bevesto - a market research platform

Bevesto is a market research startup focused on providing automated market research products.

HealthyAZ - a healthcare POS payments and merchant app

Involved a point of sale app at merchant side and a payments app for customers.

Live Me - Live stream on Youtube

Live me app lets users live stream on their YouTube account from their Android phone.